After studying Physics at the University of Exeter I moved to Bristol to work in Healthcare IT. I applied to the DSY Yoga Teacher Training to broaden my knowledge of yoga, improve my own yoga asana practice, and learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga. I’m currently based in Shaldon, in South Devon.

Hi I’m Sarah! I’m a yoga teacher based in Shaldon, Devon.

I have practised yoga regularly for many years since starting university in 2014. I found it helped me to work through anxieties I had from my course and moving away from home. Although I have found many different forms of exercise have helped with my mental well-being, such as weightlifting, rock climbing, and running, I have found that yoga has had the largest impact, helping me through difficult times and big life changes. Perhaps because yoga is something far bigger than a form of exercise – something I have realised much more during my teacher training course. I found a wonderful community in Exeter through acroyoga and then found comfort in yoga classes after I was separated from that community following a move to Bristol and then during a nationwide lockdown.

Yoga is a holistic practice and can be incorporated into every aspect of life. Most people are familiar with the branch of yoga called asana, or posture, and classes involving asana can be found in most gyms and village halls. The practice of asana can be dynamic or restorative and works to focus the mind on the body in a moving meditation. 

I have found yoga has helped me to navigate a stressful and demanding world, by improving my ability to find pockets of calmness and stillness amongst the chaos. Yoga asana has also helped me improve my strength and mobility, and compliments a wide range of activities such as paddleboarding, climbing, running, and much more. 

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